About Us:

  • Brook Industries has been designing and manufacturing microscope thermal stage systems mainly for life science uses since 1989. Since most of our designs have been the result of working closely with researchers, we have kept in step with evolving needs of today with an eye focused on the future.
  • Our product line includes warming stages, heating & cooling stages, and open and closed coverslip perfusion thermal stages for upright, inverted, and stereo microscopes. We have designed systems for Leica, Zeiss, Olympus, Nikon , and other major producers of quality microscopy instruments.
  • Our temperature controllers have linear current output for optical stability at any magnification. Our temperature controllers are available to operate at the US standard 115 VAC, international input 85-265 VAC, or 12 VDC battery input for electrophysiology patch clamp recordings.
Please contact us with your particular application needs. We will be happy to give you a price quotation, and send product images thru email. Our telephone number is (847)356-1045. To contact us through email, either use sales@brookindustries.net or brookindustries@netscape.com. Thank you for your interest!